Healthy and well-groomed feet make you feel good! We offer pedicure for women and men.

We offer professional foot treatments with Gehwol products. We can perform pedicure at the same time with manicure and facials or special facial treatments (duration ca 2 hours).


Pedicure procedures:

  • foot bath
  • cutting, filing and polishing nails
  • removing cuticula and calluses
  • exfoliating heels and soles with a machine and/or a foot rasp
  • creaming the feet and a light massage
  • applying nail polish

Take the opportunity to pamper your feet with a paraffin treatment. The treatment is performed after a pedicure: during its last phase paraffin will be poured onto the feet for 15-20 minutes, covered by plastic shoes and terry cloth. This treatment softens and moistures the skin. Paraffin treatments are especially recommended for rough calluses and cracked heels.

Pedicure price list

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