ear piercing
  • ear piercing – Blomdahl piercing cassette method
  • nose piercing – also by Blomdahl piercing cassette method
  • eyebrow piercing
  • navel piercing

Ear piercing is a medical procedure, so proper precaution is taken by using the safe  Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System.

Medical plastic is the only material in the world for ear piercing that contains zero nickel. Therefore, there is no risk of developing nickel allergy. Medical plastic is especially recommended for children and adults who want to be absolutely sure that they will not develop nickel allergy during the healing period.


Natural or golden titanium is the safest metal for ear piercing. Titanium is accepted extremely well by the body and is therefore used more and more in implants and other medical applications, often replacing stainless (surgical) steel. Golden Titanium ear piercing earrings are plated with 24 karat gold, but only on the surfaces that are not in contact with the skin. All parts coming into direct contact with the skin are pure skin friendly titanium. We recommend titanium for all types of skin.

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